Frost Me Beautiful

Wait, what?

Spend 2.5 - 3 hours filled with fun, laughter and sugar with your friends while learning new cookie decorating skills!  

In my Basic Decorating class I will teach you about royal icing consistencies and uses, basic piping and 3 separate decorating techniques.  You will take home at least 4 beautifully decorated cookies (time allowing you can do more!) and the skills to do it again, a package including a list of all the tools we used, tips and tricks to help you next time and a royal icing and sugar cookie recipe.

How it works:

I bring all the supplies to a hostesses home:

  • Fresh pre-baked cookies in the theme of your choice
  • Pre-coloured royal icing and various decorating sugars and non-pariels
  • An exclusive cookie draw for class members
  • Icing tips, templates and anything else we need!

Sounds great but how much?

Each person is $65 inclusive and the hostess is FREE.  That way if you attend the class and want to host one yourself in the future, you won't have to pay again (and you get free cookies, and who doesn't like free cookies)?!

The fine print:  

Each class requires a minimum of 4 paying students and a maximum of 10 people. I require prepayment in full and no refunds if cancellation is less then 10 days prior to class.  Student substitution is fine but please only participants age 14+.

Cookie Decorating Classes